The Beginning

Hello reader…that’s right just reader, at this point I think it is safe to say I may be the only reader, and if that is the case, may I just say that you look dashing!

I would like to take some time right now and share what this blog is all about. First off, this blog is about me.Brothers

That’s me on the far right (that’s right, I don’t always wear camo or blaze orange). Those other two hooligans are my older brothers. You see, my story might not be very different from you other hunters out there. I grew up in a small town, in the country, next to farms, next to a river, and most importantly next to the woods. There wasn’t too many days growing up that went by where I wasn’t outside catching frogs, throwing a line in the river, shooting at things, or just running in the woods.

And just like so many of you out there right now, I am a true weekend hunter.

That’s right I said it.

I make a living off working 8-5 Monday through Friday in an office. I don’t get paid the big bucks to go on charter hunts or have a film crew watch me stalk a ram for 3 days across miles of land–nope–if I am lucky, I get to go out on a Saturday or Sunday morning and try to take down a squirrel. I don’t own acres upon acres of land where I have groomed monster bucks, but I know enough locals that I still get the chance to enjoy hunting and hope that I get to take down the “one”  (You know that one that I am talking about. The one that is so big that if you did get it, you would make sure to call everyone that you  invited to your wedding just to make sure they know that you got it too).

I will retell some of my hunting stories of the past, keep you updated on new ones as they happen, and most importantly introduce you to some of the people and animals that all play a huge part of who I am and my hunting.




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