Man’s best friend

I wanted to take a minute and introduce you to one of my friends and good hunting buddies.  Well, I guess good hunting buddy is a loose term, but in any terms…

let me introduce you to Hurk!


Stand still, I need a pic!

This picture is a prefect representation of Hurk. Never completely in the right place for what you need, but still happy to help. You see with Hurk, he is never going to flush out a pheasant for you or run a rabbit for hours on end–as a matter of fact, if you were to shoot a any type of firearm around him, he would probably run away from you–but you call his name and start heading into the fields or woods and you will see an old dog turn into a pup again! His tail starts wagging so hard that it could probably take down a rabbit on its own. And once you are out there, you will find that keeping up with him would be your toughest challenge of the day.

Many of us hunters probably have a special place in our hearts for a family dog and it is important that we put the time into making sure our dog is around hunting and that they get to practice the skills that are needed for it. I am not an expert on the matter (as you can tell by Hurk), but I would think it can be as simple as walking through the woods or fields, letting your dogs see and sniff your game from a successful hunt, and most importantly simply loving your dogs! In the end, I don’t love Hurk any more or less because of his hunting skills, to me he is just Hurk.  Who knows–if he would take a break from rolling around in fields after the farmers have spread manure, he might even get to curl up on the couch someday.

So today take the time to remind your current dog(s) about how much you appreciate them and don’t forget the dogs of the past.

Just like his owner, Hurk never passes up a free drink!

Just like his owner, Hurk never passes up a free drink!

Following some bird trails on the river.

Following some bird trails on the river.

Hurk sniffing around and picking up some scents.

Hurk just sniffing around


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