That’s one small step for man…

Hello Hunters,

I don’t think that we can close our eyes to the fact that technology is not slowing down. Sure our focus may have changed from putting a man on the moon to building the best trail cam, but it is still pretty amazing to think about what’s next…

The best way to see some of the technology that you might be missing out on (or that you will never be able to afford as a modest human being) is to go to the expos that offer you a chance to hold, shoot, test, and  eat the new latest and greatest. And that is what my father, my brother and his two boys, and my soon to be father in-law did. We headed out on Saturday morning to the Deer and Turkey Expo in Diamond Dale Michigan.

Some of the things I noticed while there:

1. Savage Arms. These people are on to something. I saw an amazing .22/410 combo rifle that would be that perfect start for a youngster or farm rifle, it was a Model 42. they also just have some quality firearms that will definitely spark your interest.

I don't think we have a crossbow big enough for this one

I don’t think we have a crossbow big enough for this one

2. Charter Hunts. Now I am not saying that these types of hunts are what a Weekend Hunter is all about, but someday–just someday–we might have the resources/time to go on one of these great expeditions. The expos are great ways to find the price range, but also to find providers who you might want to use in the future.

3. The small town shops. It is great to meet and talk with the vendors who are in small towns and aren’t those chain companies. It was clear that they were passionate about the outdoors about also about their business. Although their products aren’t necessarily Michigan made, helping your fellow neighbor be successful is a great opportunity.

4. Take kids with you! Watching my nephews jump from one booth to the next asking questions and being excited was the worth the price of admissions (which was just $11). Seeing the big bucks made them excited to try and get their own!

Ready to hit the woods.

Ready to hit the woods.

5. The product prices aren’t bad! Most of the products you will see are top of the line too, not just wal-mart shelf stuff. A lot of these people are looking to get rid of their products at these show. And to help them do it, the prices are actually decent (they call the price a Show Price). I was hesitant at first, but after looking into the products after the show, I wish I would have picked up some items like a full camo face mask, gun sling, hunting pants, ammo, and much more.

Even though I didn’t see anything that blew me out of the water or a technology advancement that was far beyond anything that exist now, the expo was  good time and I did get to see some great products that I am looking into now.

Enjoy the pictures below from our day and as always…

Enjoy the Hunt,



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