Kindling the Fire

My Fellow Hunters,

Glad to have you back. This weekend was filled with excitement and friendship. You might be asking how my title plays into that? So let me lay some knowledge on you.

To me friendship is a lot like a fire. At first, it is non-existent–and yes I understand that your family members are your friends, but I am talking about those people who aren’t naturally drawn (or in my brothers case) obligated to be your friends–and because that fire doesn’t exist, we have to create it.

What do we do? We start with finding kindling for the fire. You might start by joining a youth sports team, meeting the neighborhood kids, or you might find the kindling when you start school. Pretty soon that kindling is piled high with memories of your friends during recess or at your first sleepover when you were about one more scary noise in the middle of dark away from calling your mom and having her come pick you up.

The fire officially gets lit in grade school. And from there, it is unstoppable! We feed that fire with experiences shared amongst friends that involve everything from winning the big game to getting–and breaking-up with–your first girlfriend. By the time you leave high school that fire is as bright as any homecoming bomb-fire will ever be.

But then we start to see that fire dim just a little when conversations of life after high school start to happen and everyone realizes that things might not be exactly the same as they are now. Soon enough it is easy to let it rain on your fire because we are too busy at work, have made other plans already, or are simply to tired to meet up with those friends who we first started the fires with in the first place.

Yet that fire isn’t extinguished as long as you give that tiny flame some more kindling.

This weekend, I added some kindling to a fire that needed to be a burning a little brighter. My great friend Morgan, our other great friend Jacob, and I all set out to the woods looking for rabbits and checking traps.

My friends and our bounty!

My friends and our bounty!

Yes, our objective was to head home with some rabbits, but our goal was to simply share new stories, retell the old ones that we always tell every time we get together and I am sure our wives/fiances/girlfriends are sick of hearing, and of course just laugh. We landed our first rabbit about 10 minutes into the hunt, the hunt did go dry for sometime after that first rabbit, but right before we exited we came onto a set of tall brushy grass that we scared up two rabbits from. One of them jumped on top of Morgan’s foot before it took off–he made it out alive–but we stomped around for a few more minutes and were able to take one more decent sized bunny. I guess we do kind of know what we are doing.

Our bounty from the day. The racoon was caught in a weasel trap on accident.

Our bounty from the day. The racoon was caught in a weasel trap on accident.

If you are looking for a way to create some more memories with those friends that you see everyday or with the ones that you haven’t seen in a long time, extend an invite out to them this weekend for a hunt. You’ll find that when you are sitting in a blind or breaking through some brush, hunting might not be as much as a priority as simply feeding that fire that represents your friendship.

Enjoy the hunt and the fire,


Jake was quite a ways ahead of us, so he laughed that we chased this one all the way to him.

Jake was quite a ways ahead of us, so he laughed that we chased this one all the way to him.

Checking their traps to see if any weren't iced over

Checking their traps to see if any weren’t iced over

My trophy picture.

My trophy picture.


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