The Melt is ON!

I know, I know…you’re probably saying to yourself–yeah right Rugelio (roo-hell-ee-O) this is Michigan, just when you think warm weather is here, the twisted beast that is Mother Nature throws you a fury of snow and cold air that is only matched by her relentless thirst for getting you stuck in the rain without an umbrella!

But, if my walk in the woods Sunday was any indication of what is to come…well then,

I say let it be spring!

The coming of spring also marks the close of rabbit season. I hit the woods Sunday mid afternoon to see if I could harvest one or two more rabbits before the end. As I stood on the small stretch of grass that sits between the edge of the field and the beginning of woods, I had a perfect view of what the land held in store for me today.

There was nothing but long stretches of brown grass, brown brush, and brown limbs–only occasionally broken up by a patch of snow and ice that hasn’t quite given up and melted away. A brown rabbit against white snow is hard enough to hit, just seeing a brown rabbit against this brown background is a challenge.

I have never been a big fisherman, but I think this year might be the year that I devote to actually getting out in the water more. The cap of ice covering the river has already been washed down and away and you can hear the river running as soon as you enter the woods now.

And finally, on of my favorite things about the snow melting away…seeing what was underneath it this whole time. And seeing some of the changes it made in the land.

Here’s to hoping for some warmer weather, a Happy Easter, and a successful Turkey season!

Enjoy the Hunt,



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