Making Memories Last

Well, my last post about the melt being on was right! We have seen so much rain in this last week that houses were getting evacuated, ditches were flowing so fast they washed away driveways like they were merely sandboxes, and rivers rose to such high levels, I just about took up canoe building for the weekend. But the good news is, the sun is shining today and the birds are chirping. And although we will remember the bad weather days we have to make sure we always remember the good ones.

As hunters we definitely want to make our hunting memories last forever. Which is the reason I took some of my recent success over to my friends at Plaque Ur Racks European Mounts.

The guys at Plaque Ur Racks are just two outdoor junkies (and friends) who enjoy making other hunters smile by providing a place to have European mounts done of your recent trophy buck. European mounts are great alternatives to spending big time bucks (yes pun intended) on a full shoulder mount, plus who knows I may be able to convince my wife to be to let me hang this up in the living room!

If you have been following my blog for a little while, you will see that you have already met the two owners/operators of this business in my Kindling the Fire post. Say hello again to Morgan and Jake.


That’s Morgan on the right and Jake on the left.


Morgan and I grew up together and he did the recent work on my mount. What makes his work so special is that he is a true artist. He has designed and drawn everything from a crest for a wedding to tattoos for the human body. The best thing about Morgan is that he is a perfectionist when it comes to the work he does because he knows his name is on it.

Some of the details he works into his craft don’t seem like anything significant, but after it is done–you think about how the mount wouldn’t have worked without it.  This includes offering a custom plaque in the shape of Michigan that can have the location and date marked into it for you to always remember that hunt. Even the stain he puts on the antlers to make sure they have that natural coloration is so realistic you would think that the deer had just been taken down yesterday.

I am not trying to sell their business to you in this post (I understand you may not even be close to Michigan) but I am trying to tell you that there are many people out in the world with a craft or skill that is so impressive that we need to celebrate it! So, if you have a skill (or know of someone with some serious talent) share it and make some memories last!

Of course my pictures in a dimly lit room do not do Morgan’s work justice, but I want to share them with you anways. So enough of my talking and let the art show begin!

I know I didn’t mention the story behind this buck that got mounted, but perhaps that is a story for another post down the road.

Enjoy the hunt and art,



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