Gobblin’ up the Opportunities

Monday will mark the start of my first Turkey season! Is it wrong to feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to come? So, I have been loading up with turkey hunting gear and knowledge to hopefully make it a successful first experience.

Just like a model, I have to show off my wardrobe:


I think the front is pretty standard.  I have a great turkey vest that allows me to carry multiple calls–although this novice only has one box call–my binoculars, ammo, and anything else I might want to carry out in the field. I understand if you can’t see me, camo tends to do that.

Now my best side:


What’s really nice about the vest is that it has a large game bag to hull any turkey back with, but also, you can see a cushion hanging down by my legs. I am not planning on hunting from a blind, so having that cushion to pad the ground with is a blessing. The cushion has a magnet on it which will latch to a magnet in the middle of my back on the vest. The magnets allows me to store the cushion against my back when walking that way it doesn’t hang down.

With my new outfit ready to go, I hit the woods:

After no real success moving and calling through the woods, I decided to call it a day, but I thought I would show you where I am in practicing my calls:

Good luck to all of you turkey hunters out there and as always…

Enjoy the hunt,



4 responses to “Gobblin’ up the Opportunities

  1. My turkey tags start the 8th. I’m going as a leaf pile :). I had a 3D camo leaf poncho. I’ve been practicing my diaphragm calls, and my disk calls. Good luck!

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