The Table of Destiny

Somewhere, somehow from your wife, fiance, girlfriend, partner, mother, sister, or daughter you have heard of the diabolical beast that only makes you seem like the uncraftiest/laziest person ever–and it’s name is Pinterest. Well, my life is no exception and my fiance was “pinning things”, whatever that means, and came across a table made out of pallets. Knowing that both her father and mine have an abundance of pallets, she decided to put me on the quest of building one.

Being the knight in shinning armor that I am, I of course put it off hoping that she would forget about it.

She didn’t.

She even came up with a time for us to go to her dad’s pile of pallets to pick out the perfect pallets for our purpose. It was just our luck that her dad decided that burning that pile, that just kept getting bigger, was a great idea a few days before we decided to start this project. In hindsight, I guess we should have told him we might want to use those. I thought destiny was with me and the table couldn’t be completed, but then I remember that was only one pile, my dad’s was still flowing with pallets like the great Mississippi.

Since there was no getting out of it, I recruited my father to help and after about 3 days of breaking pallets down we had created the most beautiful…table top frame.


What a start. Now we didn’t want to be the guys who simply went and bought a bunch of 2x4s and built the frame and then just threw pallet slats on top of the table. Oh no, we went all out and only used wood from the pallets. This did cause some problems. Since the boards are all slightly warped, we did have to use ratchet straps to square up the frame.

Now that the table was stared, it was on to the legs and frame. This was a little trickier because my dad and I both had different ideas on how to move on with this piece. After debating and by debating I mean calling each others ideas wrong and ones that will never work. We came to the consensuses that–my dad was right.

So we moved on to the next phase and when we completed the legs and frame, we actually had something that looked like a table.

With the frame done it looked like all we had to do was put on the pallet slats on top to finish. The original plan was to just lay the pallet slats over the table top so that they extended past the table, then take a circle saw and cut them all to the same length so that there was an even over hang on every side. It was a great idea until we realized we didn’t have enough slats  to cover the whole table that were long enough to hang over the table’s edge.

Sudden change.

Luckily for us. We had just ripped out a closet in a house we were renovating and this left us with some beautiful 1×2 would trim. This trim became the edge of our table.


We made sure that the trim was raised a 1/2 inch over the top of the table so that when we put the pallet slats on top, everything would be flush.

After this, it was smooth sailing. We cut the slats to the appropriate lengths and were able to nail them down to the table.

Nailed it! Yes the pun is intended.

And this is our almost finished product.

We don’t want to lose that natural rustic look and imperfections from the boards, so all that is left is to take a sander to it real lightly, to prevent people from getting slivers who are using the table or who are running their hands over it to feel the craftsmanship. The last step will be to put a couple coats of clear polyurethane on the table just to give it some protection from the elements.

Overall, I am truly happy that my fiance noticed those pallet tables on Pinterest. It gave us a great use for the wood that was just laying around, gave my father and I some time together, and we made a great piece that will be a conversation starter for years to come at our home.

My father and I are by no means builders, but we were able to put this together. If you have ever thought about trying something like this–go for it. You will most likely surprise yourself with the results, good or bad.

I will get some final pictures and dimensions of the table on here some time soon.

Enjoy the hunt,



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