Rabbit Camp 2014

Well, welcome back to the Weekend Hunt–I know it has been awhile.

Deer camps are nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, most of my readers have probably taken part in one or two deer camps in their life time. You can probably remember your one uncle who seemed to stink everyone out with his gas, or the one hunter who could never seem to hit anything he was shooting at, or perhaps the one young blood who got their first successful hunt under their belt.

Hunting camps are amazing life experiences, because you create memories well before and after hunting hours.

To make the most out of the snow that seems to be piled higher than most vehicles this winter, a group of local hunters (young, old, and extremely old) got together and had a little Rabbit Camp at Camp Fred and Ed in Mid Michigan.

The camp was a perfect set-up, we had all the essentials. A few bunk beds, a few cots, a rather used couch, a table for eating and playing cards, and we even had a bathroom with running water–which by the end of the weekend, we could have used a shower with running water.

To give you all the details of the weekend, I would need to write a book and I would also have a lot explaining to do to spouses, girlfriends, and most importantly mothers–as a matter of fact, let me use this sentence to apologize to Jim’s wife about the stories her two boys heard this weekend. Here is to hoping that they don’t try to repeat those stories in school, or more importantly, recreate the stories themselves.

So, to skip that process, let me just jump to the stories that involve the two pictures I took the whole weekend. Yes, I only took two.

First the man of the hour, our fearless leader, and the first one to go to bed at night…Ed.

Or maybe he is Fred, I don’t remember their scientific breakdown as to who was who.

All I remember is that there was a Fred, Ed, Butter-bean, Princess, T-Rex, Red, Horse shit, and a JJ mixed in the names of individuals at camp. As a matter of fact, I am still not sure if I actually heard a real name all but once.

But I diverge. Her is Ed (or Fred).







Ed here was one half of the team that put this event together. When you see him working his dogs, telling stories of past hunts, or just getting excited before the hunts; it is easy to see he has a passion for what he does. Rarely does he carry a firearm out and on the draw when we are on the hunt. Which might seem a little strange at first, until you hear him busting through brush or snow, screaming in high pitch noises to get his dogs ramped up, or taking one of the younger hunters with him to make sure they get the opportunity to see dogs in action, rabbits running, and hopefully getting their first chance to harvest some game. Who can blame a man for enjoying that more? Heck, I think most of us there that weekend felt like Ed and Fred took us under their wings this weekend, just to make sure we had a great time.

Thank you both.

And just to prove that we do know a little bit about hunting:







These are the three rabbits we took on the first day out hunting. They were great sized bunnies and tasted even better. If there is one thing about camp that is always a guarantee, it is that you will eat like kings. The menu for Saturday night:

Caribean Jerk Marinated Grilled Rabbit (two of those harvested by yours truly–I will hold for applause).

Italian Dressing Marinated Grilled Venison

Bacon and Cheddar Grilled Brats


Cookie Bars


Jalapeno Dip

Deer Stick and Smoked Cheddar

and of course 1 box of left over valentine chocolates

Our second day of hunting wasn’t such a success, but we still enjoyed it and saw a couple of rabbits run.

We will be back out soon, so until then…

Enjoy the hunt and the food.



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