Browning Deluxe Field Dressing Kit

For most of my hunting career I have used a simple fixed blade buck knife for dressing a deer, skinning large and small game, and butchering the said large/small game animal. The knife always worked and did the job, but as looked around, I started to see that these “kits” were popping up all over.  So, I invested in the Browning Deluxe Field Dressing kit and it has paid off.

I won’t bore you with all the specific details of the kit, but I will show you and tell you what I like and dislike about the kit. Here we go:

The three beasts.

The three beasts.








How the knives are carried in the kit.


  • The belt loop is leather and has shown no signs of wear since I have been using it (6 months).
  • The design makes sense. The large buck knife and the smaller caper knife are both on the front and easily accessible–since they are the two most often used. The saw on the back side hangs well and the button clamp hasn’t failed.
  • The material is a sturdy and feels hard enough that it isn’t going to break down or get misshaped if stuffed in a backpack during travel. The knives don’t snag on the material either when pulling the knives out or putting them in.
  • The slots for the two front knives are the perfect size and shape. The knives have not fallen out on me–I tested it by holding it upside down and shaking it (real official, I know).
  • The caper knife can do it all. It is perfect size for skinning small game of all sorts and it works great when working your way down a large animal during the skinning process or doing some quick fat trimming–I didn’t know what I was missing until I used this for the first time.
  • The size of the handles and the finger slots (impressions to place your fingers) are perfectly set up to make you hold the knives properly, not cut yourself while operating the knives, and with extreme comfort.

The downsides:

  • The kit is bulky, so you feel it on your belt when you are maneuvering through the woods. It isn’t a distraction, but this can’t be an everyday carry type of knife–you would be buying it with a purpose not a general use.
  • You can see the knife hanging from my belt in this picture.
  • You can see the kit hanging from my belt in this picture.
  • The checkering pattern on the knife handles looks good and feels good, but the grooves collect fat/meat on them while your using them which can cause the grips to not be as effective.
  • When putting the caper knife back in its holder, it can be pushed down to far and cause you to pierce the sheath.
  • The knives hold up well, but I have had to sharpen them before or after every use–which should be done–but they do loose that fine edge quickly, trust me they still get the job done. This may be an inconvenience for some.

Overall I think this is a great kit and it has been a great additions to my arsenal. Of course I don’t think this is the only field kit out there or the only one you should buy, if you know of a similar product that works just as great, please share you knowledge with us in the comment section.

Enjoy the Hunt,



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